Welcome to E-Suite

Dear Manager, welcome to the new and powerful tool for managing your pharmacy, patients and staff. If you would love to learn about why E-Suite is great for your pharmacy, Please follow this link.
E-Suite can run on both Android phones or Tablets, and on Microsoft Windows computers. You only have to download E-Suite for any platform you wish and then install the app. To connect the mobile phones or computers in your store to your store inventory on E-Suite, we will need you to provide your Branch Code which is sent to you when the branch is created by the Admin.
If you are the Pharmacy Owner or Admin, you can create a free account by clicking here.
Create a Branch, a Branch Code would be assigned to your pharmacy then come back here to download E-Suite, use the Branch Code to set up the E-Suite on Android phones or computers.
E-Suite runs on the internet, your inventory lives in the cloud and so your records are safe from any damages. We have designed the app to be very light-weight and to save money, so be rest assured the internet data consumption rate is very low.

Once E-Suite is downloaded and installed on the devices in your store, you can add as many accounts for the technicians or sales persons who dispense products, and they can record sales on any device. It might take hours to set up the inventory of all your products for the first time, depending on the size of your pharmacy, but after first time, restocking on E-Suite would only take a few minutes. Setting up your store on E-Suite can be done little by little or during the weekend and should be done only by the Manager or Superintendent Pharmacist. Please ensure that the quantity you enter into E-Suite are the same as the physical inventory for the products.

Device Requirements