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Connect to your Pharmacy from Anywhere!

The New and Powerful EasyPharmacy Suite App gives you the power to control and manage your Pharmacy's Stock, Sale, Expiry Damage and Expense Records, Staff and Special Patients from wherever you are on earth via your mobile phone.

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Everything you've ever needed!
Suite is packaged with the most powerful new generation tools for managing your drugstore

Universal Coverage

Now You're in absolute control of your pharmacy even in the comfort of your bed. You never have to worry about anyone messing things up because Suite keeps you connected to your business Live! 24/7. No matter the number of drug stores or salespersons you have, you are always connected to them and can control whatever happens in your business from your mobile phone anywhere you are.

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Save Money

Suite helps you save up to 40% on expenses. Don't spend a dime powering up the generator for long hours, record sales from any mobile devices. Patients receive free E-electronic receipts so you don't pay for ink or paper.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access detailed report on everything, stock, expiry, damages, expenses, including account records of profit, and how committed to work all of your staff are. Even if you have many branches in different locations. You're completely covered!

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Robust Alerts

Get in-app notifications and SMS alerts that remind you about everything important at your pharmacy, so you can relax and get notified when products are about to expire, are getting low, are accidentally damaged, when an employee is not serious at work, or even when there’s a patient appointment with the pharmacist.

Expiry Management

Products closer to expiry are automatically sorted out and placed for immediate sale before they expire.

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Patient Health Tracker

Suite tracks health history of all medications a patient has received, so when they come back again you can take care of them better by going through their history.

Automatic Data Backup

Should the computer or smart phone you use to record sales and handle inventory gets missing or damaged. You will never lose any information because all important information are automatically backed up in the cloud and you can get it back in a few minutes.

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E-suite is very affordable. We charge based on Credits. It works like the airtime recharge on your phone. Account credits allow access to the powerful tools on E-Suite app. As you use E-Suite in your store to perform transactions and receive alerts, we charge some units of the account credits.
Access to E-Suite is limited if you have no account credits, but sales persons are always granted access to login to E-Suite even with less than 0 credit balance. The Pharmacy owner or Admin can purchase more credits by logging into Admin Mode on our website.
You receive free 500 credits when you create your admin account.

3.99 NGN1 Unit
Payments are made using highly secured payment gateways. So you can be rest assured that your data is kept safe and is well protected.

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